Committee profiles – Terry

Terry WeldonTerry Weldon – Committee member, Bulletin editor and website editor.

I’ve been in post since Conference 2012, when I delivered a presentation on 60 years of queer church history. I have since also spoken at Conference 2013 and facilitated a workshop at Conference 2014.

I’m a South African born cradle Catholic, now living with my Anglican partner in rural Surrey. Much of my time is taken up as editor and publisher of the blogsite “Queering the Church”, and speaking up from a gay Catholic perspective at assorted relevant workshops and conferences. In addition to my work with Quest, I am also webmaster and trustee for the “Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality”, and served for six years on the Soho Masses Pastoral Council. In addition to my work with Quest, I also write about faith and sexuality at “Queering the Church”, and am working on the website for the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics, whose foundation conference I attended in Rome, 2015. In May 2016 I attended the conference of the European Forum of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Christians, where I agreed to assist on the Catholic working group.

By background is as a cradle Catholic, born and raised in South Africa where a life lived under the rise and fall of apartheid left me with an unshakeable conviction that the fight against injustice is a major part of Catholic identity – and that applies to injustice inside the church, as well as out. I now live quietly in the Surrey countryside with my partner Raymond – where I am heavily involved in my local parish, conspicuously out and proud.