St Beuno’s Retreat – November 2016 (Bulletin 75)


4 – 6 November 2016Nativity at Xavier Castle

Fr Brendan Callaghan SJ

These weekends began in 1991 in Loyola Hall, and provide a safe and supportive space for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered Christians to share their faith.

*Suggested Offering:
En-Suite: £150     Standard: £130
Simple: £110

8 comments on “St Beuno’s Retreat – November 2016 (Bulletin 75)
    • Good question Trish. I see no reason why not – but best to check it with Gez, who knows far more about these than I do.


  1. Anyone …is there an itinerary or timetable of what is planned…I’d be interested in going having never been
    on a retreat before. What actually happens? Jeremy

    • Hi Jeremy – a good question, so thanks for asking. Retreats can take many different forms. Some are preached retreats, consisting mostly of talks by the retreat director, interlaced by periods for quiet prayer. Other, known as directed retreats, are entirely silent, consisting mostly of personal prayer, and daily discussions with a personal retreat director. In between, are those which combine elements of both, with time for sharing within the group, on one’s responses to the talks, or on the prayer experiences. Then there can be some specialist forms of retreat, with substantial time given over to creative expression (in art, or music, or dancing) used as a form of prayer. What they will all have in common, is a deliberate move out of the concerns and timetable of one’s daily life, to make extended time for quiet prayer and reflection.

      It’s important when deciding to undertake a retreat, to find one that is suited to your own personal needs and temperament. I do not have details for this particular retreat myself, but have asked someone with extensive experience of the St Beuno’s retreats, to reply to you later.

      • Thanks Terence, details of the St Bruno’s November LGBT retreat would be helpful in deciding, as you say. Jeremy.

    • Hi Jeremy from Gez.
      I’ve done this retreat four times. They differ in style depending on the person who is leading the retreat.
      Brendan Callaghan is very accomplished at these. I have seen him lead the retreat on two occasions and each one was different. He has an easygoing style which is accepting of everyone.

      There is often a initial session each day with the major input on the theme – by the leader. This might end with some short (10-15 mins) spiritual reflection / meditation. There may then be small group discussion / sharing session and then a plenary where we feedback.

      These are not silent retreats which have a different purpose and are available at St Beuno’s but not specifically for LGBT issues.

      There are times when we may be asked/recommended to do some solitary reflections in any of the various prayer spaces. There is daily Mass if you wish at which others who are on retreat will be present – not just the LGBT group. Some are on individually guided and silent retreats so we have to be sensitive to their requirements and not converse.
      The benefits of the LGBT retreat can be spiritual and social in praying, sharing and learning from other with whom we may have a common link or not depending on our experiences. The whole context is non-judgemental.
      Finally the theme/topic is often not given until after the summer so you may have to be patient. Many sign up regardless.
      I hope that this helps.

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